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“Neither the gorges of Ollioules in Provence, nor the Pincarbo ravine in Spain, nor the Alps, nor the Pyrenees, nor the marvelous mountains of Tirol in Switzerland possess something that could be compared to the views I saw in Bulgaria at Belogradchik”
Jerome Blanqui, 1841
The formation of the Belogradchik rocks started during the Permian period, about 230 million years ago. Many fantastic rock figures, small valleys and passages with steep vertical slopes have formed for mil­lions of years as a result of the processes of vertical erosion, denudation, freezing, growth of mosses and lichens, and other natural factors. A large group of stone figures, pronounced as natural wonders, is located near the town and the fortress. It doesn’t take such a powerful imagination to see in the rocks "The Madonna”, “The Monks”, "The Horse Rider”, “The Dervish”, “The Bear”, “Adam and Eve”, “Haidouk Velko”, "The Castle”, “The Lion”, etc.
During the years many Bulgarian and foreign scientists, travelers and tourists have bowed before the beauty of the unique Belogradchik rocks. During one voyage in the region Konstantin Irechek cried out: “This cannot be described in words. This must be seen!”.
“I believe that no human soul can approach the surprising Belogradchik scenery and remain senseless to the might of a deep and overwhelming impression.”
Felix Kanitz